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Line Dragon concrete machines, built for concrete teams

About Line Dragon Concrete Placement Equipment

Pump Hose Equipment that is Changing the Industry

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Line Dragon, LLC is located in Narvon, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and was established in 2007 to provide cutting edge concrete pouring equipment to the concrete industry.

The Original – Accept No Substitutes

Uniquely engineered and designed, the Line Dragon remote concrete pouring and hose dragging machines have features you will not find from imitators. We provide the technology and equipment every concrete company needs in order to optimize the efficiency of pouring jobs to save time and money.

Line Dragon in Fight to Stop Imposters

Line Dragon vows to protect consumers. Read our Press Release from January 22, 2018.


Line Dragon Concrete Hose Puller Made in AmericaLine Dragon is the result of years of hard work from concrete men Tank and Jake who, after decades in the concrete pumping business, decided to invent a better and safer way to place concrete. At 17, Tank started to operate a 28-meter Schwing Concrete Pump for a construction company. In 1997, they decided to start a custom concrete pumping company and started to pump for other concrete contractors. With having only a 28-meter pump (about 56 feet of reach) he ended up doing a lot of line pours, so Tank was always handling line and using system to reach the pours. In 2002, he came up with the idea that there should be some kind of machine to drag the system and place the concrete. After contemplating on this for a few years Tank decided to see what he could come up with. He knew if this machine was going to work it had to have the ability to move forward, reverse, direct side to side and had to use the same system contractors were dragging by hand.


Early Line Dragon DesignThe original design could move lines, however, it had no support to keep the hose from kinking when it moved from side to side so our one-of-a-kind line horns were added on the front and back of the machines. The prototype testing was by far the best and most exciting time as they could see the difference it made in the amount of labor it saved and how much easier it was. The fall of 2008 was when they got their first order. This was before they even had the production model made.

Line Dragon Goes Worldwide

At the World of Concrete in 2010, Tank and Jake met up with their first international dealer and started shipping machines to Europe. Now Line Dragon is sold worldwide and copied by companies trying to keep up with Line Dragon’s growth and commitment to making work easier for the workers on site and improving profits.

Made For Concrete Workers … By Concrete Workers

After more than 24 years in concrete pumping, Tank and Jake understand what concrete workers and managers need: productivity and safety. The safety factor is a big advantage, as costly injuries due to dragging and repositioning the heavy hoses involved with these operations are eliminated. Each year, Line Dragon finds new ways to improve the concrete placement industry with better products. We have an active relationship with our customers that allow us to continuously deliver the right solutions tailored directly to their needs, keeping concrete men productive and safe.

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