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Line Dragon concrete machines, built for concrete teams

Line Dragon Rental Equipment

Interested in renting a Line Dragon for your upcoming concrete project? Contact your regional dealer today to learn more.

      United States:

      Line Dragon, LLC
      Narvon, PA
      Office: (717) 875-1153

      Capital Concrete Pumping
      9501 McKenzie Road
      Austin, Texas 78719
      (512) 389-3812
      (Covering Texas)

      Hite Equipment
      13922 Barnett Ave.
      Neapolis, OH 43547
      Office: (419) 877-0316
      (Covering Illinois, Indiana and Michigan)

      Northwest Concrete Pumps & Equipment
      1529 Rainer Ave. South
      Seattle, Washinton 98144
      Office: (206) 329-5888

      New Zealand Dealer:

      Concrete Pump Parts
      Rolleston, New Zealand
      +64 21 277 6955

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