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Dragon Egg - Rolling Hose Concrete Skid Plate

Dragon Egg – Rolling Pump Hose Protector

Better than a Concrete Hose Sled or a Skid Plate

Metal Dragon Egg - Rolling concrete hose skid plate
Plastic Dragon Egg - Rolling concrete hose skid plate

Protect Your Hose Couplings with the Dragon Egg Rolling Hose Protector

The Dragon Egg hose protector is a specifically designed, heavy-duty protective cover that protects the pump hose couplings from getting caught on various obstacles found on the pouring floor, thus eliminating costly delays, worker injury and possible hose failure. Regular concrete hose sleds and skid plates still get caught on Nelson studs and can tip over. The rolling action of the Dragon Egg stays attached to the hose and rolls over Nelson studs and other obstacles so your concrete pump hoses won’t get caught.

Hose Coupling with Skid Pan Catching on Obstacles

Dragon Egg Protection – Hose Glides Over Obstacles

Ready to Order

If you want a better concrete hose skid plate or pump hose sled, you can order a Dragon Egg through our parts service – located HERE.

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