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Line Dragon Concrete Hose Puller on work site

Line Dragon Concrete Hose Dragger

The Safest Way to Move Concrete Pump Lines

Line Dragon Dragger moves a concrete pump hose out of the way

Don’t let your men get hurt pulling concrete pump line over rebar. The motorized concrete pump hose dragger is designed to move concrete hoses so your team doesn’t have to.

Weighing about 1,200 lbs., the Dragger is driven on wide 8-ply air tires, which is about the same weight per square inch as a worker. The Dragger is placed 20-30 feet behind the Placer, moving the excess pump line out of the pouring area.

Easy Remote Operation

Like the Placer, the Dragger is remote-controlled and can easily be operated from a safe distance. The motorized machine moves forward, backward, left, right or diagonally to easily move lines across rebar, decking, Nelson studs and other obstacles.

Safe Hose Handling

As the original designers of the line handling machine, we made sure each one was equipped with our patented hose horn to prevent dangerous kinks in the hose as the equipment moves.

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