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Line Dragon Placer - Concrete Placing Machine on worksite

Concrete Hose Placer

Less Strain, More Gain

Concrete pump line using Line Dragon Placer

Tired of dragging concrete pump hoses? The Line Dragon concrete Placer is located at the end of the concrete pump line where it easily moves the line and places concrete exactly where you want it.

High Speed Placement

The Line Dragon is fast. You need fewer workers to manage the hose or position the nozzle. The physical strain of moving the hose is virtually eliminated as the Line Dragon Placer tirelessly places concrete at rates of over 6,000 sq. ft. an hour!

Remote Maneuverability

Concrete Hose Puller Remote ControlThe Line Dragon is controlled by a radio control that removes the operator from the immediate vicinity of the work. The machine is equipped with a 360-degree rotating boom and nozzle to allow concrete placement almost anywhere on site.

Computer aided steering allows you to choose between 2-wheel and 4-wheel when driving forward, backward, left, right or diagonally. The optional joystick controlled boom can move 360º around the placer for maximum maneuverability. The Placer is powered by a GX390 gasoline engine so this hose pulling machine is easily operated over rebar reinforcement, radiant heat lines, decking or other site hazards.

Compact and Portable

Easily transported by pickup truck, the Placer is small enough to be positioned just where necessary, like a construction elevator or small trailer between sites. Heavy-duty components hold up to the extreme conditions found on the cement pour site.

Easy on Your Line Hoses

Our machines are specially designed not to add wear to your pump hoses. Our unique hose horn cradles the hose and prevents it from kinking when the machine is moving.

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